Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Student Led Conferencing Success

A class "selfie" before our conferences, a few action shots and some proud letter moments in Room 4. Well Done everyone:) 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Buddy Class Christmas Tree

"1, 2, 3 Buddies!" It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in Room 4 and 13! We joined together to paint a Pohutakawa Christmas Tree which will be displayed in the main street during the festive season. A huge Thanks to Mrs Lewis-Whaanga for guiding us through this project. We think you are an amazing artist and love it when you share your passion with us!

Swimming Time!

Swimming has started for Term 4! Look at those happy faces! 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Kitten Visit

We had a very special visit from four fluffy kittens yesterday! Thanks heaps to Morgan and her mum Haley for organizing this- we wished they could have stayed!!

Athletics Day

Here are some of our Top 3 place-getters for our sprints day last week. Congrats to you all and Good Luck for the Interschool Athletics Day scheduled for Wednesday next week!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Visit to Gisborne Intermediate

Room 4 was blown away with the talent at Gisborne Intermediate today. We got to watch dance, drama, music and singing!

Museum Visit

Kyle leads Paru, Emily, Trinity, Taylah and Luke through their retelling of the Horouta legend and how kumara came to New Zealand. Some budding actors and actresses within our class!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Making Kindness Catchy!

At the end of last term we begun our "Warm Fuzzy Thuzzies". Every Thursday we each randomly select a persons name and write down things we like about that person. Miss Beattie then reads the anonymous messages out loud. As it is "make kindness catchy week" we thought we would post these to our blog.

Some one wrote for....

Mykall D- "I like that you are funny"
Luke- "I like that you like minecraft-so do I"
Jessica-" I like that you were enthusiastic at the Museum.. and you're fast"
Paru- "I like  that you have a great sense of humour"
Tamlea- "I like that you're kind and helpful. You're also good at basic facts"
Wi-" I like how helpful you are"
Johntay-" I like that you're kind and funny"
Emily-"I like that you're kind, helpful and I also like your curly hair"
Jazmine-" I like the way you smile"
Trinity-" I like that you're funny and enthusiastic"
Wayan-"I like that you're very silly"
Tobias- 'I like that you are kind, smart and have cool glasses"
Shivani-"I like that you have cool earrings, are friendly and smart"
Miss Beattie-" I like that you are nice and really cool"
Aiden-"I like that you are kind even with a cast on"
Luka-" I like that you are good at rugby"
Te Wai-" I like that you are good at Maths"
Matias-" I like that you have a long rats tail, you are great and handball, touch and with a great smile"
Kevin-" I like that you're kind and smart"
Shelby-" I like  that you're good at handball"
Dylan-" I like that you're smart on computers and really kind"
Kyle- "I like that way you run and smile"
Manaia-" I like that you're funny and awesome"
Braith-" I like that you're enthusiastic about Maths"
Taylah- "I like that you're so pretty and kind"
Faith-" I like that you're kind, friendly and have a good smile"

Cazaly, Morgan, Savanah, Calais and Michael H were absent. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Athletics Time

The Senior students of Awapuni School began their Athletics practice in the glorious sun this afternoon. Each year group practiced a different skill (high jump, long jump and throwing)
Two of our Room 4 students, Luka and Emily are pictured below mid flight. Thanks to Calais for being our photographer in action! #gigatowngis

Writing Time

Fwoosh!! Room 4 has flown into some fantastic writing for Term Four! So far we have written about Spring, doing something really scary and today, an exciting memory of your time growing up in Gisborne! Miss Beattie was thrilled to see how many different types of language features we could recall.. Today's focus was including onomatopoeia.. #gigatowngis

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Awapuni Dance Club Performance

Can you spot our Room 4 dancers? Calais, Paru, Emily and Faith were all part of this energetic bunch. Miss Beattie was very proud of all the senior girls involved :) 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Privilege Day Fun!

Room 4 had an absolute blast on Privilege Day and some lucky students were able to help Miss Beattie's sister in the kitchen making pizzas! Thanks to all our lovely parents who contributed to our shared lunch- always such a great success!! 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Buddy Class

We met with the lovely Room 13 today for the final time before the holidays- what a perfect day for some outdoors reading!  We decided to make them "Warm Fuzzy Thuzzies" (a crazy name for Thursday) to tell them something we really like about them. Luka and Aiden wrote to Harlaquinn
"We really like your smile and we have all had the Awapuni Shield before". If you look closely you can see some Room 13 students holding them.

Term Three Week 10 Newsletter

The final week of Term 3…… and yes it’s a busy one!

We have literally skipped our way into Week 10 with the highly anticipated “Jump Off” on Monday. All students were actively participating for the full 45 minutes which was fantastic to see (photos below). Tu Meke Room 4- you made a rainy day into such a joyful one! It is now the students responsibility to collect their sponsorship money and return their forms to the office by Friday.
This week we congratulated Matias with both a birthday certificate and a “Being Kind to Yourself” certificate. Matias continues to strive for excellence in his learning and is a fine role model- Keep it up Matias! Our prestigious “Student of the Week” certificate was awarded to Jessica for displaying the six kinds of best we strive for at Awapuni School. Jessica is a new student in Room 4 (only joined us on Monday!) however has shown very kind qualities to her peers in this short time. She has settled in very quickly with her attitude set for learning from Day One. Ka pai Jessica! We also give a very warm welcome to the Rendall family in joining our Awapuni community. Tahuti mai! Welcome!

Privilege Day is fast approaching so I would like to clarify a few details. Students are allowed to bring wheels to school this Friday (eg. scooters, rollerblades) as it will hopefully be a lovely sunny day outdoors. They are also allowed to wear mufti on this day as it is a celebration of their Term 3 efforts. Our Shared lunch will be slightly different this term (an emphasis placed on healthy eating) however I will send out a separate notice with this information today.

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone,

Miss Beattie. 

Dance Club

Our wonderful dancers performed at Syndicate Assembly today as a practice for tomorrows grand show to the whole school! From Room 4 we had Calais, Emily, Paru and Faith as members:) Awesome girls, I was so proud of your commitment!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pak and Save Visit

Some highlights of our Pak and Save visit. We compared the food labels of an "everyday food" with and "occasional food". We also created a list of all the different coloured fruits and vegetables available. Thanks to our wonderful parent help for making our visit possible and of course Koka Annette for sharing her knowledge. I wonder what we are going to plan for our healthy shared lunch...???  Thanks Pak and Save!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Healthy Eating with Koka Annette

We loved having Ngahuia's mum in our room talking about Healthy Eating. She taught us about the food pyramid and how to read food labels. We were all shocked about how much sugar is in drinks that are so popular. Next week we look forward to our Pak n Save visit where we can put our new skills to the test!

Term Three Week 7 Newsletter

The drizzly Week 7!

Even though it has been miserable outside, Room 4 has kept positive spirits and worked through lots of valuable learning.
We have Luka to congratulate this week for receiving our “Being kind to others” certificate for his encouragement to his peers during Cross Country running. This is a great quality to have as a budding sportsman. Our Senior Syndicate certificates went to Shelby, Braith and Jazmine for their classroom efforts. Our main “Student of the Week” certificate was received by Braith last week for his positive behaviour and perseverance in his learning. Well done to all our certificate winners- a fantastic achievement!
Another outstanding achievement was made by the Awapuni Strikers hockey team in the weekend by winning their overall grade with an incredible 12-nil win. Five of the players hailed from Room 4 so I made it priority to be on the side-lines and what a tremendous win! A big congratulations to Aiden, Dylan, Matias, Taylah and Morgan (and your fabulous coaches) for their success! Over on the soccer field, the Awapuni Pumas also finished their season on a high winning 6-2. Well done to Manaia, Tobias, Kyle and Wayan (currently overseas) for their sporting excellence.
As there are lots of bugs going around, I ask you to please keep your child home if they’re unwell. Sending them along to school only spreads the bugs further to other students (or teachers!) Please remind your child about the importance of drinking water during these months also to keep them active and alert.

Until next week (here’s hoping it’s a sunnier one!)

Miss Beattie

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Senior Syndicate Assembly

It was our turn to host Senior Syndicate Assembly this week. Miss Beattie thought we did a great job in presenting our learning to the other three classes.

Our "Friendly Arguments"

In Room 4 we are focusing on persuasive writing. On Friday our topic was "Should children be made to play sport". As a way of sharing our writing, we set our room up for a "friendly argument". The representative team that agreed with the statement, Morgan, Luka and Tobias gave twelve reasons in total. The opposing team, Emiliy, Paru and Trinity spoke of eleven reasons.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Term Three Week 6 Newsletter

We are halfway through the term already! I was told the other day there were only seventeen Friday’s until Christmas! A crazy thought!

A fantastic start to the week for Room 4! The class received two class gotchas on Monday for their positive behaviour and teamwork. J Their improvement in basic facts sealed the deal with all students showing great progress in number knowledge.

This week we congratulated Tamlea for receiving a kind award on Monday morning for her thoughtfulness towards others. Tamlea has a very quiet approach towards looking out for her peers as she doesn’t seek to be rewarded. Ka rawe Tamlea, your kindness is to be celebrated!

Our Student of the Week on Friday was awarded to Savanah for her progress and effort towards her learning. Savanah has made fantastic improvement in reading this year and strives really hard with her spelling each week. Well done Savanah, keep up the great work!

This week marks a change of topic in Room 4. With completing our explanation reports on Space, we now focus on our Healthy Eating Unit for the second half of the term. The students will be learning about what foods are best for them and ideally be able to create a food pyramid organising basic foods into sections. In conjunction with this we are also taking part in the Jump Rope for Heart program during Daily Exercise. The kids have really enjoyed our skipping sessions so far.  We are seeing lots of great skills being mastered and challenges being met!

Until next week,

Miss Beattie. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Term Three Week 5 Newsletter

Another week to keep Room 4 busy!

This week I would like to congratulate Taylah for being kind to others by always lending a helping hand. Taylah is always willing to support her peers with their learning which is a lovely attribute to have. At our Syndicate assembly we congratulated Faith, Paru, Michael and Manaia for their excellent work habits in class. Our prestigious “Student of the Week” and shield winner went to Tobias for being and extremely responsible and reliable student. Tobias has set very clear goals for himself for the rest of the year and is striving extremely hard to achieve these. Ka pai to all our fantastic certificate winners!

At Monday’s assembly Room 4 joined with our buddy class to perform a song and dance about emotions. It was fantastic to see our Room 4 students showing leadership qualities in guiding our younger students. Room 4 quickly learnt how much the Room 13 students look up to them! Well done to everyone for participating in our performance. During that assembly four of our students were awarded their “Player of the Day” certificates. Big congratulations to Savanah, Dylan, Kyle and Cazaly for their sporting success!

Last week we also welcomed a new Wednesday teacher into Room 4, Maiko Lewis. Maiko has lots of experience at Awapuni School and I know some students were thrilled to see a previous teacher of theirs back in the classroom. I look forward to see the exciting activities she will incorporate into Room 4.
Any current questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.

Have a lovely week everyone,

Miss Beattie

Above: Luka and the girls show us how fun it is to paper mache. Savanah, Calais and Samara (Room 13) demonstrate what they learnt when planting trees on Monday. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Term Three Week 4 Newsletter

Kia ora everyone,

A huge thanks to those who have added to our collection of newspaper. There was a tremendous response and we are now underway with our paper mache project! A big thanks also from Mrs Lowry who received over 150 milk bottle caps from our class yesterday. She is using these for a spelling activity in Room 6 and hugely grateful to those who contributed their lids.

A big congratulations to Te Wai this week who was awarded our “Being Kind to Ourselves” certificate for showing excellent initiative in ensuring our school milk is delivered each day. Ka pai Te Wai! Our heartiest congratulations to Michael this week for receiving our “Student of the Week” award on Friday. Michael has shown great improvements in both Maths and English as well as leadership skills during our Cross Country. I can also see Michael has set goals for himself in focusing during instructions. Fantastic Michael, I am so proud of you!

In sporting success, Cazaly, Kevin and Matias all received their “Player of the Day” certificates on Monday morning. Our winter sports are coming to a close shortly so it is great to see our Room 4 students showing great sportsmanship right to the very end!

Our space topic is proving to fly past very quickly and soon our focus will change to “Healthy Eating”. Each student will be completing a “Explanation Writing” by the end of next week addressing the “why” or “how” of a space related question. Make sure you ask your child about their progress.

Until next time,

Miss Beattie.  

Monday, 11 August 2014

Week 4 Home-Learning

Here is the link the students need for our Home-Learning writing task:


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mission to Mars

Room 4 had a fabulous afternoon learning about Mars! We worked in cooperative groups to decide which facts were true and which were false. Based on our new learning, we were then told we were planning a trip to Mars for 2020 but as a group could only take 6 objects from a list of 20..... Can you guess what we decided to take?!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Term Three Week 3 Newsletter

Oha atu ki te katoa,

Last week we celebrated lots of learners in Room 4 who have kicked off their Term 3 on a positive note.

Our Syndicate certificates went to Calais, Emily, Luke, Morgan and Aiden for their attitude and work ethic in the classroom. Our “Student of the Week” was awarded to Dylan for his effort in all areas of learning. Dylan has been striving really hard in his writing and home learning. He proves to be a leader in Mathematics and is showing great initiative as our newly appointed computer monitor. Ka mau te wehi!

A huge congratulations to three members of Room 4 ( Wayan, Morgan and Jazmine) who received their teams “Player of the Day” award in assembly on Monday. Tobias also made us proud when he was crowned once again as the “Super Mathlete of the Week”. A fantastic effort from everyone!

We have spent time this week reflecting on our Portfolios for Assessment and setting goals for the second half of the year. Each student has set a Writing, Reading and Maths goal as well as an area of their choice. I have noticed that many students are striving to receive the “Awapuni Senior Syndicate Shield”. This is fantastic to see the student’s response to this award as it is only awarded to a Room 4 student once every four weeks. It is our turn next week….. Who will it be?

Until next time,

Miss Beattie.  

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Cross Country Training

Room 4 has been timing their cross country running times and keeping track of their progress. We have lots of great runners!

Term Three Week 2 Newsletter

Kia ora to all,

Room 4 have been extremely busy with finishing their information reports as well as beginning their cross country training. We have also been keeping a close eye on the Commonwealth Games and the history behind the big event.  A huge highlight of my week was seeing every Room 4 girl and 2 very brave boys (Kyle and Mykall) attending “Dance Club” during their Wednesday lunchtime.  This is run by myself and provides an opportunity to share my passion to the students of Awapuni. Kai pai Room 4!

Last week we congratulated Shivani with a “Being Kind to Ourselves” certificate during Monday’s assembly.  Shivani is extremely determined in improving her Maths skills and has spent lots of time at home achieving this. Well Done Shivani!  Wayan received our “Student of the Week” certificate for his consistent effort and attitude towards his learning.  Wayan has also shown great initiative in the first weeks of term as our class takes responsibility for some school-wide duties. He tino pai Wayan!

Next week we look forward to the start of Explanation Writing. This will begin our thinking around space and the many questions that are bound to arise! The students will be able to drive their own learning by explaining how something works and give reasons as to why this happens. We will be incorporating this into our reading time also to give plenty of opportunity to explore the books we have available.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Until next week,

Miss Beattie

Term Three Week 1 Newsletter

It definitely feels like winter this week! Brrr!

I hope you all had a wonderful time over the school holidays and enjoyed the time spent with your children. Room 4 students have all returned with huge smiles and ready for a busy Term 3 aheadJ
Congratulations to our certificate winners of Week 9 last term. Our Kinds of Best certificate went to Jazmine for being kind to those around her. Our most prestigious “Student of the Week” award went to Calais for her caring personality and “give it a go” attitude.  He tino pai Calais!

I would like to share with you the final reason why Room 4 were honoured their Privilege day last term. The well-known website “Mathletics” produced summary data around the performance of our Awapuni students throughout Term 2. I was very pleased to read Room 4 was ranked the top class for Awapuni School mastering 544 concepts and all three top students hailed from Room 4 also.  Michael was ranked the top overall student mastering 52 concepts. Both Kyle and Te Wai were ranked 2nd equal after mastering 47 concepts in total.  As Mathletics is an activity the students are encouraged to do in their own time, I was extremely pleased to see our Room 4 students are in fact doing so.  I am very proud of you all and congratulations to our very dedicated mathematicians!

Our Integrated Topic this term is titled “Planet Earth and Beyond”. The students are showing great interest in this already through reading activities completed this week.  We will also be focusing some of our reading around the Commonwealth games over the next two weeks. Make sure to ask your child what they have been learning!

Keep warm and enjoy your week everyone,

Miss Beattie

Monday, 7 July 2014

Term Two Week 9 Newsletter

A very busy last few weeks so unfortunately our  newsletter blogging was left till the end! You all should have received our weekly newsletter through email- here is the final Week 9 post.. Happy Holidays all :) Miss Beattie

We have made it! The final week of Term 2 and what an incredible time it has been!

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all to share the successes of the year so far. It is such a rewarding time to present where each student is currently at and how we can work together in progressing further again.  As a class, our goals will be centred around mathematics in Term 3 in order to boost their basic facts knowledge and general number understanding.  Incorporating practice of these facts in daily routines is the key to developing this knowledge.

A big congratulations to Morgan for receiving our “Being Kind to the Environment” certificate last week for taking charge of our paper recycling. Further congratulations to Kyle, Dylan, Tamlea, Zaquoiah and Tobias for receiving our Syndicate certificates for their efforts inside the classroom.  Our prestigious “ Student of the Week” and Awapuni shield winner went to Luka on Friday for his energy and enthusiasm. Luka continues to impress me with his maturity, dedication and commitment he has to his learning both in and outside the classroom.  Ka pai Luka- you are an outstanding role model!

Our Room 4 students appear to be absolutely loving winter sports as Monday’s are always filled with lots of descriptive stories! This is fantastic to hear and further congratulations to Dylan for receiving his “Player of the Day” as a member of the Awapuni Strikers last weekend.

Wishing you all a relaxing and safe Term 2 holidays,

Always feel free to get in touch if need be,

Until Term 3,

Miss Beattie. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Term 2 Art Days

Room 4 completed two art days creating their "Scratch Art" design.The first day involved brightly coloured crayons and black paint. Yesterday we were able to scratch out our insects designs using toothpicks and kebab sticks! 
                These will be displayed in the hall and our classroom- they look fantastic! 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Our busy day

Room 4 worked tremendously hard today! We begun with unpacking information reports and learning about the different features. We practiced our basic facts during Maths and completed the day with Integrated Study. We learnt how insects can be extremely helpful in keeping plants alive. Watch this space.. posters to follow! 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

The week of crazy weather!

As always I would like to acknowledge our certificate winners of last week. Aiden received our certificate on Monday for consistently being kind to others around him.  A very important quality to have! Our “Student of the Week” went to Faith for being an extremely considerate member of Room 4. Faith strives to always do her best in all learning areas.  A big congratulations!

We also congratulated Shelby and Taylah at this week’s assembly for receiving “Player of the Day” awards for their respective sports teams (netball and hockey).  Let’s hope this weather clears in order for this weekend’s events to go ahead.  We look forward to the Rippa Rugby tournament next week also which was postponed on Wednesday  due to rain. 

In the classroom this week we have been kept very busy with the collection of our June data. So far we have completed Reading, Spelling and Writing samples with our Maths the final area to cover.  I look forward to sharing these with you in Week 9 during our parent teacher interviews.  The booking schedule for these interviews will be completed online this year for your convenience.  You will be advised how to do this within the next week.  Anyone without internet access can organise their booking with Penny in the office.

With this term only 9 weeks long, there’s only three weeks to go! In this time we will be visiting the Museums Star Lab (on Monday)  learning about Truck Safety, completing information reports, hosting our syndicate assembly and letting our creativity shine during two Art days.
Please feel free to contact me by email or phone if you have any questions or concerns,

See you next week,

Miss Beattie J

Mathematics Time

Room 4 working hard in Mathematics! Last week Mrs Gomm visited our class to teach us map reading skills in order to calculate certain distances.