Monday, 7 July 2014

Term Two Week 9 Newsletter

A very busy last few weeks so unfortunately our  newsletter blogging was left till the end! You all should have received our weekly newsletter through email- here is the final Week 9 post.. Happy Holidays all :) Miss Beattie

We have made it! The final week of Term 2 and what an incredible time it has been!

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all to share the successes of the year so far. It is such a rewarding time to present where each student is currently at and how we can work together in progressing further again.  As a class, our goals will be centred around mathematics in Term 3 in order to boost their basic facts knowledge and general number understanding.  Incorporating practice of these facts in daily routines is the key to developing this knowledge.

A big congratulations to Morgan for receiving our “Being Kind to the Environment” certificate last week for taking charge of our paper recycling. Further congratulations to Kyle, Dylan, Tamlea, Zaquoiah and Tobias for receiving our Syndicate certificates for their efforts inside the classroom.  Our prestigious “ Student of the Week” and Awapuni shield winner went to Luka on Friday for his energy and enthusiasm. Luka continues to impress me with his maturity, dedication and commitment he has to his learning both in and outside the classroom.  Ka pai Luka- you are an outstanding role model!

Our Room 4 students appear to be absolutely loving winter sports as Monday’s are always filled with lots of descriptive stories! This is fantastic to hear and further congratulations to Dylan for receiving his “Player of the Day” as a member of the Awapuni Strikers last weekend.

Wishing you all a relaxing and safe Term 2 holidays,

Always feel free to get in touch if need be,

Until Term 3,

Miss Beattie. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Term 2 Art Days

Room 4 completed two art days creating their "Scratch Art" design.The first day involved brightly coloured crayons and black paint. Yesterday we were able to scratch out our insects designs using toothpicks and kebab sticks! 
                These will be displayed in the hall and our classroom- they look fantastic!