Friday, 26 February 2016

Sea shell and starfish writing

This morning we wrote about our choice of sea she'll or star fish using the language feature 'show don't tell'. The children are in the process if publishing their stories and hopefully they will be up on display in our classroom over the next few days.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Fun day

On Tuesday we had a sand castle competition at the beach, walked on the new walkway and played on the playground at captain Morgan's!  The weather was lovely and the children made some awesome sand castles.

Sleep over

On Monday night we had our sleep over at school. It was a great time with lots of laughs. It was also neat to see the children interacting and working within their cooperative groups outside of the classroom context.
A massive thank you to our parent helpers, we would not have been able to sleep over at school without you!

Marine Reserve

On Monday we went out to the Marine reserve and what a fun filled day it was!! We saw a variety of sea creatures whilst snorkeling such as kin, paua, crayfish, crabs, fish and many more!
A big thank you to Amy and Joe who helped us before and during our marine adventure.

Snorkel training

Children in Room 4 practiced their snorkeling skills in our school pool before we ventured out into the marine reserve. They were very focused during 5 his training session

Room 4 and 12 buddy reading

Room 4 have been working with their buddy class Room 12. They have been awesome role models and are showing the kind aspect of our school! We read we Room 12 once a week. All children in Room 4 enjoy having a buddy class and have really stepped up as the bigger children of the school. Ka pai!