How to comment on blogs

Posting Comments

When we comment we will follow this list...
  1. Acknowledge the person with "Dear ______",
  2. Start with "I really liked the way you..."
  3. Add some new information
  4. Ask a question
We will always...
  1. use the language of learning
  2. use the language of Awapuni School
  3. use the "gems" and quality language features we know about from our writing


  1. To Ms Richardson I have chosen to write about the diet of an Olympic sailor.
    An Olympic sailor sleeps from 11pm to 8:30am. At 9:30 a sailor has two slices of toast with eggs and a glass of fruit juice or a smoothly for breakfast, which is 450 calories. At 10:30am a sailor has a pre-training snack which includes 500ml of sports drink and an energy bar or cereal bar and a banana, which is 450 calories. At 11am a sailor starts training. At 11:30am a sailor a snack during training which consists of at least 500ml of sports drink between each race. An energy or cereal bar between races. Some sailors use carbohydrate gels before races, all this has 450 calories in it. At 3pm is lunch which is a ham/ chicken/ turkey salad sandwich with fluids. At 5pm a sailor stops training. At 5:15pm a sailor has a recovery shake or a pint of milk. At 7pm a sailor has dinner which consists of lean meat with fish or rice, potatoes, pasta, cous cous or noodles. Bowl of salad or vegetables and yoghurt. At 9pm a sailor has supper which is glass of skimmed milk or small bowl of cereal and then goes back to sleep at 11pm.
    From salustiano

    1. Thanks Salu. You got a lot of information from the infographic!! It will be interesting to see what your infographic shows us.

  2. Dear miss Richareson
    I realy like the way you put the youtube clip on the blog.
    The swimmers in the olympics have to have to eat 11 time.They have 8 hours of sleep.
    How did you put the youtube clip of the blog.
    From James

  3. dear miss ricardson i like the way that you stayed in your own time to make a blog for ower class.
    from zyon

  4. He died February 14, 1779.
    He was born October 27, 1728.
    Height1.84 m.
    As a teenager and joined the Royal Navy in 1755.
    In three voyages Cook sailed thousands of miles across largely uncharted areas of the globe.

  5. awsom,cool,amazing,inthoseastik,fun.Ethan